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“Weird Wizard Guy” is a human wizard that the party first met in the dragonborn ruins near Northmist. He dresses in all blue robes, has seemingly glowing blue eyes, and a long, white beard and moustache.


  • The party has no idea what his name is. Someone asked, but he responded that the asker was being very rude and he should mind his own business.
  • Any time any of the party has tried to pull a weapon or approach him in an aggressive matter, their limbs become incredibly heavy to the point where they cannot move them.
  • The party met the Weird Wizard Guy for a second time after going through the strange door in the middle of the open fields east of Northmist. He was a storekeeper in a shop that sold strange miniature statues. The party later learned that these statues were analogous to chess pieces.
  • The wizard is very enigmatic; he seems to go out of his way to answer questions in a vague or otherwise uninformative way.
  • The party met the wizard once again on their way to the dragonborn civilization while in the year 700. They were walking in a cave along the underground river that leads to Old Springtown before everything went black and they found themselves in the wizard’s store.

Weird Wizard Guy

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