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Professor Maple is a young adult halfling archaeologist whose home is the university at Auldhollow. He is paralyzed from the waist down and is bound to a wheelchair for transportation.

In 1198, a younger Maple is part of what appears to be some sort of rogue operation to find statues. He is also not paralyzed at this time.


  • Oris and Brook sought out Professor Maple upon reaching Auldhollow for insight on Brook’s statuette of a cougar that belonged to his tribe.
  • Maple told Oris and Brook he was paralyzed in a falling accident during an archaeological cave expedition with one of his colleagues. His colleague did not survive.
  • Maple’s wheelchair is outfitted with various hooks, pulleys, buckles and the like, as well as fitted with sturdy wheels that allow him to easily travel on uneven terrain.
  • Maple was once put on trial for treason, but he insists that he was involved in nothing of the sort. He says he was minding his own business and conducting research in the field only for the military to show up and detain him. He was never jailed, nor was he ever punished in any way, but when he returned to the site it was burned, razed, and ravaged.
  • Maple has made a fortune on finding and selling ancient artifacts and is thus able to hire the party’s help to investigate some newly discovered ruins near the small town of Northmist, where he has a second home. These ruins ended up belonging to a long-dead dragonborn civilization.
  • While accompanying the party eastward to the mountains to find another statue, Maple suddenly disappeared just before the party was attacked by giant wolves and lizards and urged through a mysterious door that took them to the Weird Wizard Guy’s store front.
  • In 1198, the party was introduced to Maple’s “purely platonic” colleague, Sharla.
  • It turns out that Maple is actually quite the artificer, and knows his way around a short sword. Huh.

Professor Maple

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