Race: Half-Elf
Class: Warlord (Level 5)
Age: 23
Gender: F
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Grey-Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Fair, usually wearing some war paint on face.
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic


Erolin is a Half-Elf Warlord, who met the party on another plane while searching for her half brother she’d never met: D’Arcy.

Physical/Personality: Erolin is much of what a typical young Half-Elf is expected to be. Lithe, but not without the sturdiness of a human. She is fit, but not overly muscular, which allows her to maintain agility. Her features are delicate yet cunning, with that typical amount of elven grace. Her hair, however, is anything but typical. Her human genetics caused her hair to grey from its natural blonde at a very early age, however it maintains some of the same blonde luminosity when struck with sunlight. She wears ornamental jewelry in two pieces of her hair. Additionally, she typically adorns her face with some type of war paint, usually a long stripe across the nose and the top of her cheeks, or two long slashes underneath the eyes, trailing down and fading off down the sides of her face. She says it makes her more intimidating, that has yet to be confirmed.

Erolin is spunky, youthful, and confident. She will be the first to tell you that she’s the greatest, and you definitely need her help. She thrives most in battle, leading her comrades to victory, and her enemies to their death. She is ruthless and cunning, leaping upon opponents like a mountain climber with her two notorious war picks. She fears no adversary, and faces them without hesitation.


Equipment: Erolin is equipped most notably with her two war picks. She prefers these weapons, as they require an up close and personal relationship with whomever or whatever they are striking. They are reviled by all who have encountered them, and few live to tell. She is proficient beyond any with them, and keeps them holstered on the sides of her hips when not twirling them around casually. She keeps her brother’s Alfsair Spear: “…a long wicked blade on a sturdy pole. It resembles a pike more than a spear, and close to the blade has a red rope and tassel…” (D’Arcy’s Biography, Ross, 3) tied to her back, in memory of the sibling she barely knew. She does not use the weapon, but carries it in memoriam. Her armor is simple, providing the bare minimum so speed and agility in battle are possible. She has repurposed her brother’s red spear banner into a tattered cloak she wears close to her neck.


Erolin was raised by her Elf mother, Arovenne. Her father Dorian (a human) was involved in an affair with her mother that was short lived. It was often said that Arovenne seduced Dorian with her Elven beauty and grace, however Erolin was raised knowing the truth. Dorian wooed her mother much like the many other women he left in his wake. Dorian was not present in Erolin’s upbringing, a fact which she attests forced her to grow strong.

As a result of her father’s eventual disclosure, Erolin knew that she had one sibling, D’Arcy, a man 13 years her senior, a human, and a war hero. Erolin was immensely proud of this man she’d never met. She vowed to seek him out when she was ready, and to fight alongside him in battle.

And Now:

Since finding her dying brother, and learning that he was not quite the legendary figure she had imagined, Erolin has repositioned her purpose, finding revenge for her brother, and helping this ragtag bunch of adventurers defeat any adversary in their path.

The Others:

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