Race: Human
Age: 35
Gender: M
Height: 5’11
Weight: 190
Hair: Blond
Skin: Fair

Carter is a good guy if you get to know him. Most people just don’t get the chance. They either start hating him for first or wind up dead. He was in the military for a while, but didn’t get along with his superiors. His fellow soldiers didn’t like him much either; he was considered something of a bad luck charm. People just tend to meet bad ends around him. Carter has nothing to do with it, its simple luck as far as he knows, but it gave him a reputation. He was mustered out and considered himself blessed to have survived.

He was never the most devout person, but he did need work. The church of Pelor always needs able bodies. In exactly what capacity, well… Carter tried them all. Not by choice. Standing watch at a graveyard and soon or later the undead attacked. Protecting a temple and cultists of Vecna inevitably showed themselves. Investigations and inquisitions proved him as loyal and faithful as ever, despite the terrible serendipity. Perhaps Pelor wanted him where there was trouble afoot?

Eventually, the Order of Twilight’s Shadow, the secretive order within the church that investigated Carter previously, became the last home for him within the church. Nobody else wanted him, and even then the Order was somewhat skeptical. Still, after everything, Carter’s loyalty was never in question. That placed him ahead of some others. Trouble always followed in his wake, so trouble was what he was immediately sent after. Fallen Paladins, while thankfully rare, were out there. Some still in the guise of their former life. He had the skills to find them and deal with them.


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