Race: Longtooth Shifter
Class: Ranger (Level 4)
Age: 26
Gender: M
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Amber
Skin: fuzzy
Languages: Common, Elven

Brook is a member of a longtooth shifter tribe from the eastern forests. Primitive and shamanistic, they keep an oral tradition of the previous glory of their tribe and the monuments and temples they built during their heyday. The ruins of these vast constructions still remain, buried deep in the forests far from the sod and branch hovels that they call home.

As a young shifter Brook was frequently in trouble from his impulsive nature. He would go places he shouldn’t go, ask questions that should remain unasked, and fool with things that were better left alone. Fast reflexes and instinct kept him out of the worst trouble, but he was often chastised for wandering too far into the forest deeps. As he grew older his forays became longer and longer, to the point where the tribe, fatigued by the constant worry, gave up keeping track of him. This suited Brook just fine. With the death of his parents Brook left the safety of the tribe permanently, stopping by only to leave the carcasses of boar or forest lion to announce the forest was safe for tribe members to explore again.

When asked what he was doing out there for so long, Brook would reply, “Just wandering.” He didn’t tell them, however, that he was delving deeper and deeper into the ruins of his people’s past, springing traps laid to protect their contents and avoiding the hazards of centuries of neglect. Brook would salvage any seemingly valuable artifacts left behind and return with them to the village, selling things that had little cultural significance for the tribe’s benefit. The more historical items he gave to the village elders, hoping to inspire his people to greater things.

Thus when historian-archaeologist Oris wandered into the forest, looking for the source of all the fabulous treasures, the elders pointed him in Brook’s direction. Initially suspicious of the deva, the two came to become an effective team – Brook serving as a guide to Oris in the ruins he’d known and explored since childhood, Oris providing the history and context for the relics they unearthed together.

As a longtooth shifter, Brook has unusual physical characteristics. His golden amber eyes and coating of fur can be alarming to humans who have not met shifters before, and his transformation features fearsome long canines and an animalistic elongation of his face. Long light brown hair mostly conceals the wolf-like ears that give him superb hearing. He wields a bastard sword in each hand, a legacy of his determination to be as proficient with his left hand as with his right following the example seen in murals in some of the ruins. He dons heavily battered and scarred hide armor and supple leather boots he fashioned from beasts killed in the forest depths.


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