Ancient Stirrings

The tail, the tail!

The party ventured off into the shade of the Eastern Forest, D’Arcy at the front in wolf form, sniffing out traps that would have been laid by his past self. They stumbled upon a trap, indeed, though it had already been triggered — a spear was stuck into the side of a tree, a bloody piece of cloth pinned in place by it. The party saw a pair of wolves that seemed to have been rotten and zombified sniffing and pawing at the area where the blood was, but as they approached, the wolves scampered off.

Investigating the tree, Carter found an amulet with an etching representative of the god Pelor on its obverse sitting in the grass just outside a hole big enough for someone to climb in, disguised and nestled in against the side of the tree. On the trail of what they believe to be Carter’s paladin ally, Sir Fredrick Cooper, the group climbed in under the tree.

Shortly after their entry they found some more wolves, accompanied by humanoid counterparts, also zombified. Dispatching the zombies, they followed one pathway into the mysteriously well-worn cavern, cautiously making their way through the dark, damp halls, discovering a vast room, the ceiling of which was covered with humanoid figures dangling and shifting ominously — but not attacking. They surmised that it was some sort of trap that they would have to deal with later in a sudden stroke of self-awareness.

Then they killed more zombies and leveled up.


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