Ancient Stirrings

The Story So Far


The party was all (except Shard), for various reasons, traveling to the west from the east by train. The train came to a sudden stop because there was a humongous rat standing in the way and it looked like it could derail the train. When asked for capable hands to take care of the situation, all of the group (minus Shard) went out to kill rats. Once these were dealt with the train was able to continue on to Auldhollow where the group was able to carry out their respective businesses.

For whatever reason, all of the party also found themselves on the train north from Auldhollow to Northmist. While here the party investigated the ruins of an old dragonborn civilization and encountered Weird Wizard Guy for the first time. D’Arcy was spying on the group, more specifically, Professor Maple, who had recruited the lot of them for help with his archaeological research, as a military assignment. It is also here that the party found Shard, who fell through the ceiling of the ruins. The warforged was left there after some battle in the past, and due to his weight and some soft earth, sank through the ground until falling through.

After finding a statue of Tiamat at the dragonborn ruins, Professor Maple told the group where they could find more instances of civilizations that based their societies on the worship of these statues. Interestingly enough, it seemed like the Valkland military was aggressively pursuing these statues as well, so the group decided to investigate.

On their way, Professor Maple went missing all of a sudden, and when confronted with packs of wolves and gigantic lizards, the group fled through a mysterious door at the beckoning of even more mysterious floating letters. Through the door was some manner of storefront, though the door that the party came in seemed to have disappeared. This is where they met Weird Wizard Guy for the second time.

After using their wit to realize that the back room of the store was a glorified chess board, the party was transported back into the middle of the fields they’d been traveling, only it was snowing. They continued on to the mountains where they found a small skirmish happening between the Valkland military and a tribe of dwarves. D’Arcy and Shard were able, using their new military uniforms, to order the soldiers there to back off, and were able to access the dwarven tribe, where they stopped a dwarf from accidentally giving up the statue of a mountain lion to the Valkland military. As they were about to leave, a young dragonborn dropped a statue of Bahamut at their feet on accident.

After thwarting this, the party decided to go east, where the soldiers that were trying to take the statue came from. They found an encampment and were able to stock up on supplies, and also found out that they had somehow time traveled back to the year 700.

The party headed over the mountains to the desert, where they found a huge oak tree seemingly growing from the sand. After following the tracks of a halfling wanderer, they found a secret underground entrance to [[Old Springtown.]] Here they met Hubbardd and found out about Rakhir, Deradez, and the true meaning behind the statues they’d acquired.

The party was on their way back to the dragonborn civilization to return the statue of Bahamut, but they found their way getting darker and darker despite the torchlight, and when trying to produce light using a sunrod, there was a flash and the party found themselves in the old storefront again with the Weird Wizard Guy. This time, the door to the backroom sucked the party through.

And that’s where we are now.


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