Ancient Stirrings

RPG Size Abstraction

The party left Tarmikos and decided to go to the airship to see how Maple and Sharla were doing. Maple was incredibly hungover.

Apparently, the two were gonna take the airship out to the west coast to this city where a bunch of archaeologists were starting a university. So okay, the party decided to tag along.

Well! Just before takeoff, someone reported that there were incoming airships! Fuck! So they took off but couldn’t escape, and were overtaken by the military airship. Maple and Sharla were left on the deck to take care of the situation while soldiers descended into the airship to conduct a search for schematics, of all things.

Brook happened to be looking out a window when suddenly he saw a humanoid shape fall rapidly past it. And then another, and another. With this information and the realization that there wasn’t much commotion going on up on the deck, the party decided to go check out what was happening.

They arrived just in time to see three soldiers taking a dive after some large-looking spiders that launched themselves from the airship, and took note that the three airships that had surrounded them were still manned by soldiers, but they all were staring dumbly into space. Brook cut the ropes that were connecting the airships together, and they all went below deck and fought some soldiers as they took off at high speed to hide the airship somewhere inconspicuous.


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