Ancient Stirrings

Carter? I barely even know her!

The party started out on the airship in the morning. They had breakfast! And Brook told Maple that in the future he’s in a wheelchair. Way to go, dude.
Anyway, the airship lands and the party decides to follow Maple and Sharla east to Tarmikos, which ended up being D’Arcy’s hometown. Over a few strong Adult Beverages, they were approached by a Paladin of Pelor, Carter. Carter had received a description of D’Arcy and had business with the major. Apparently, a woodsman had told him that he had seen Carter’s friend Sir Fredrick Cooper talking to someone who fits D’Arcy’s description.
The party was all too happy to fill in Carter on everything they’d been through, and decided that they would go to the forest where Fredrick would most likely be, with D’Arcy as a guide to try and circumvent any traps that may have been laid by past-D’Arcy.


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