Ancient Stirrings

An Airship!

The party found itself stacked on top of each other in a tavern stock room. A murder had just occurred in the tavern and it had been evacuated moments before. Upon walking out of the tavern, the noticed a street full of people and guards running down the street in their direction. Some of the party thought that maybe the guards were running after them, but it turns out they were running after a bandit, and they hadn’t even known a murder had just occurred.

Anyway, the point is the guards stop to sort out that mess because MkConnell got in their way and tried to intimidate them from attacking them (which they were never going to do). So the guards eventually get on their way and the party actually follows ‘cause they wanna see who the guards are chasing, but as they’re taking off, the very shifter that the guards were chasing, Sharla, beckons them into an alleyway thinking that the party were the “interveners” that were supposed to distract the guards and allow Sharla to make a clean getaway. Not knowing what’s going on, the party decides to follow her. They eventually make their way to an airship, but MkConnell went down in a hail of arrows trying to delay the archers from chasing the rest of the party onto the airship.

Once on the airship, the party learns that Professor Maple is onboard, except he’s not in a wheelchair, and he’s certainly not a professor. Maple seems confused and alarmed because the party is not the group of “interveners” that they were supposed to pick up. When asked, he informs the party that they are in the year 1198.

Sharla puts her stolen goods on the table, and it ends up being a statue of a turtle, a finding that Sharla is not pleased with. She spends the remainder of the evening sulking. Maple explains that they’re not stealing statues, per se, but rather taking them back.

The party informs Maple that they are from the future. He has no idea what’s going on, and eventually the stress and confusion overtakes him, and he goes to vomit. The party retires for the evening.


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